Nevada: The Silver State

Our favorite places to visit in Nevada

About Nevada

Welcome to Nevada, the Silver State! While most known for Las Vegas, with its dazzling strip of casinos, world-class dining, and spectacular shows, Nevada has much more to offer. Venture beyond the glitz and glamour to discover a state filled with natural beauty and historical significance.

Explore the alien-like landscape of the Valley of Fire State Park or journey to Lake Tahoe for its stunning clear waters and year-round recreational activities. History buffs will appreciate a visit to Virginia City, a historic mining town, and for those interested in the extraterrestrial, there’s always the mystery surrounding Area 51. Whether you’re drawn to the excitement of Las Vegas or the state’s natural and historic attractions, Nevada offers a thrilling adventure for everyone.

Attractions in Nevada

This is a list of our recommended places to visit while you are in Nevada.